The Hangman, 2013

My new recording titled 'The Hangman'.


The hangman is a 4min looped recording of a man hanging by one foot from a bar or tree. His free leg is  bent to form an inverted "4," his face is  peaceful and his hands are bound. The image is taken directly from  the tarot card.

The image of a hanging man actually dates back to pagan and early religious symbolism, often used to describe a literal state of hanging between the mundane world and the spiritual world, with the capacity to perceive both. The literal image describes an altered state of human perspective, a moment of timelessness where absolute clarity is achieved with emotional detachment. The Hangman represents a transitory weightless state of observation and introspection before any action or decision is made and life is resumed. I was interested in creating a still moving record which captures this state whilst also showing the endurance of the time as it gradually unfolds, the effort and physical exertion of when positioning ones body up side down, the toll of time.