Thoughts about image making

 “Arnaud was getting ready to leave and still laughing, he walked towards his car. It was a bright morning and he pulled a pair of blue tinted sunglasses out of his jacket. Once on, his eyes became like gaping blue holes. Looking at him my mind lapsed back four years to the first photograph I ever took of him. It was after the accident and his eyes where swollen, blue and red. I could clearly visualise two pictures of Arnaud hanging beside each other: The image of Arnaud with the hurt eyes next to an image of Arnaud with masked eyes. But at that moment he got into the car and drove off. The im- age was lost. The following day I was determined to re-enact the photograph but the weather had turned - it was a darker day, much colder and we where both uncomfortable standing outdoors. I took the photograph anyway. In my mind there are three photographs of Arnaud. The one I took four years ago, the one I took yesterday and that one... the one I did not take.”