'Transporter', V22 project space, V22 London

Transporter is a large scale video installation consisting of multiple life-size videos projected in a darkened space. Each projection sees a person engaged in a typically private activity  such as sleeping, bathing or day dreaming. The videos are projected onto plinths attached to the walls and floor of the space, offering simulated openings into other spaces and times.

The virtual nature of the openings and the ostensible simplicity of the movements of the actors create a contradiction within the experience; the viewer is at once exposed seductively to the intimate and personal behaviors of the persons within, yet simultaneously withdrawn from any real communication or to the simulated, minimal extent of the actions recorded. Thus nakedness and simplicity appear not so easily accessible as might first appear, producing an altercation that quietly forms a wall of silence between actors and spectators.

the nature of film and video concerns transportation to another reality or space, designed to engage a viewer. these videos seem to deny even that limited engagement, demanding the onlooker to pause and think, thus allowing more freedom for the individual to construe meaning for themselves.

The back space of the exhibition transports the audience from the video installation through an installation of pipes carrying a sound of wind to a room adorned with delicate drawings playfully depicting fantastical worlds and characters. This transformation in artistic form makes the exhibition in its totality a multi disciplinary compilation of works that tease the viewer, drawing them in but ultimately contemplating and pointing to someting else less tangible. the experience asks the viewer to focus their attention elsewhere; behind? out? inside? or perhaps someplace within our own thoughts and imaginations.